The Worst Things You Can Do On A First Date

If you have ever gone on a first date you know how nerve racking it is.

I sweat from the time I am asked to go out all the way till the date is over. I wonder what the guy is going to think of me, what my outfit should be, if we should kiss, what happens if he tries to kiss me and I don’t like him, if we are going to eat it if I should order what I really want off the menu or stick to something more “lady like” like a salad… I worry, worry worry and worry some more.

First date are just chaos, you have to worry about being yourself, but at the same time being demure, likable, approachable, being on your best manners, what you are going to talk about, an infinity of things…so to make your next first, third, fifth etc. date easier, I want to share the result of a survey I found of the rudest things someone can do on a first date:


1.  Ordering their food for them – You don’t know them yet. Unless the person asks you for suggestions you shouldn’t be ordering their food.


2.  Noisy eating- Have some manners PLEASE! Nobody wants to be eating next to a cow.


3.  Posting on social media during the date- Uggh this is the worst. It is too soon in the “relationship” to be telling all your friends and family that you are out with me.


4.  Texting someone else- This is just rude. Put the phone away


5.  Taking photos of your food- Why? Seriously!


6.  Making or answering a phone call- Unless it is an emergency you need to let that phone keep ringing or hit ignore.


7.  Going to a restaurant that serves bone marrow or other animal organs- I don’t get this one, but as a picky eater I would say…gross


8.  Taking them to a fast food restaurant- Come on! That is just not acceptable.


9.  Ordering seafood- Ooops! I ordered shrimp tacos on my last first date! Wonder what it is about the seafood.


10.  Eating onions or garlic- This one makes sense.

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