Si estas fotos no te inspiran a llevar una vida más sana, bajar de peso y comenzar a ir al gimnasio no sé qué lo hará.

Aquí las 10 mejores transformaciones en Instagram. Increíble el cambio.

(Nuestra transformacion favorita… ¡¡¡CHORI!!!)

@HAVETORECOVER – Being skinny. Part of me loved it. Part of me hated it. Eating. Part of me loved it. Part of me hated it. Controlling everything. Again, love and hate. That's what anorexia is. It's like a "love and hate – relationship". People think anorexics want to be skinny and that's why they lose weight. Even definitions in internet say that the fear of being fat leads to poor eating habits. But I disagree. In some cases it's true, but I know many other cases which prove differently, including my story. Especially in the beginning of my eating disorder I hated myself for not being able to eat normally. I hated myself for losing so much weight. I cried myself to sleep in the evenings because everything hurt and I could feel my bones. But anorexia is such a strong MENTAL illness which once you're trapped in it, it's so hard to get out of that vicious circle. I just wasn't strong enough and I totally gave in. I let anorexia control my mind. I wasn't myself anymore. And as years passed, I kept losing weight and with every pound I lost, anorexia got stronger. I got used to living my life the way anorexia wanted. Until I was forced to go to hospital where I made the first steps towards health again, gaining weight back and most of all, gaining motivation back. It took me another two years after that to finally get to a healthy weight and to recover mentally. The most difficult part was to let go of anorexia and its rules. But it was possible. With lots of strength, willpower and motivation and help from your best friends, family and loved ones you can do it. 💕 Follow @cutthefat_ for more.

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Double tap 👍 👍 👍

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Hi 👋🏻 I'm Heather @thebraintrainer I TRAINED my BRAIN to think like a thin person… then the rest was easy… I'm on a mission to make 2017 the YEAR that DIETING DIES… 12 months ago I was done with dieting. They just didn't work. Nothing did. Frustrated and angry at my body. I knew it had to CHANGE the inner conversation. I was tired of doing the same thing, stuck in these cycles. Bored of the gym Upset I couldn't fit into my jeans 😦 So I began to learn EVERYTHING about the BRAIN and the SUBCONSCIOUS mind (Where our habits and behaviours are created) Learned how to harness our incredible thought power that is available to us. I LITERALLY THOUGHT MYSELF HAPPY & THIN! Clearing upset and excuses, eating what my body wanted, eating when my body was hungry (not when I was bored, upset or celebrating) and stopped eating when my body told me to stop. So motivated to exercise, cleared my fear of committing long term to my health goals. It's like I had tuned back into what MY BODY WANTS Weight loss has been easy and effortless. 👌🏻 It's stayed off too! I've never been slimmer or happier in my life and best of all? I'm not going into 2017 worrying about diets 🙌🏻 I know I can trust my body. I know I'm in tune And it feels incredible 😍😝 Wanna make 2017 the year you say you're NOT diet? Wouldn't you prefer natural, sustainable, effortless weight loss? Check out my page @thebraintrainer To TRAIN your BRAIN first… then your body @thebraintrainer 💆👟👙

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Brought to you by @weightloss_fatloss Awesome Pic Shown Is: @maddnaz

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