By Carlos Estrada

Que te parece?

🔥 Start everyday with a positive attitude. Remind yourself that you got it, that you can do it. Decide to be above anything that tries to bring you down. When you declare how you want to feel, nothing can disturb your inner peace. Today, choose to look for the positive things. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Nourish your mind with good thoughts, your body with nutritious food, and your soul with laughter. Accept yourself as you are, while you work toward who you want to be. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Make peace with the world. Choose to be happy! 😁💓🙏🏾💪🏽 Oh it's Hump Day Right?! 🤔😝🤣 🍑#HumpDay #WCW #WEDNESDAY #MusclePrepButt LOL #LA #Npc #Figure #lachampionships #2.5WeeksOUT #stayfocused #keepgrinding #mindset #motivation #driven #ambitious #bodybuilding #fitness

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👑 Is it #WCW?! ❤️🔥🔥🔥 "What makes this girl different, is she not only talks it, she walks it. Focused? Just look at her everyday- she's focused on her dreams, she's focused on her goals , and she's focused on her future! Resilient? This girl has been knocked down more times than you can count. She's been walked on and walked out on. She's been broken and she's been bruised, but somehow, someway, she still finds a way to keep going. Hustle? This girls life is a constant hustle. It's no sleep. It's chaos. And it's a never ending grind! Kindness? Compassion? Just look at the way she treats people around her. She always puts everyone else first. She'll sacrifice anything to see the people she cares about happy! Independent? This girl has earned everything she has. She's never been given out a handout. Confident? Secure? Just look at her class. Just look how she carries herself. This girl is different. She's different than the rest- because not only does she talk it, she walks it and she lives it! "🖤🌟🌟🌟 Inspired by @paigehathaway 🌟🌟🌟#womencrushwednesday #wcw #paigehathaway #inspired #teamcobra #beyourself #inspire #muscletech #mtsponsor #gallongear #mpressivefaces #teamlvfit #squeezemeskinny #fnf #fitness #npc #figure #bodybuilding #bikini #houston #la #miami #newyork 💟Tag a friend, Repost, Share if you support @Jayfromhouston 💯 This picture right here is my baby!! 😻And I'm so happy with how good it came out! Thank you @charmingcharltonphotos this is my absolute favorite!!!!! Your the best!!!! 📸 Photographer- @charmingcharltonphotos 💄Make Up Artist- @xosophie_beauty 💇🏽HairStylist – @loonsie ✨ Tan by @bbronzedorganic 💟Sponsored by: @Muscletech @FoodNutritionFactory @BbronzedOrganic @MpressiveFaces @GallonGear @SqueezMeSkinny

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